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Our Protocol

POKT Network's protocol first launched on MainNet in July 2020.
A major protocol upgrade, Shannon, is targeted to deploy to MainNet summer of 2024.
POKT Network's protocol is a fully open source decentralized infrastructure protocol. If you're interested to explore further, please visit our Github Repositories.
Morse Protocol: the live protocol
Shannon Protocol: the upcoming upgrade

Introducing Morse

Our live Protocol (Morse) was built on top of the Tendermint framework within the Cosmos ecosystem. However, it has since evolved and we have made significant modifications to the original Tendermint codebase to optimize our specific use case.
Since launch this protocol has served almost 700bn relays across 50+ chains, through a network of c.15k nodes in 22 countries.

Introducing Shannon

All of our experience is currently being built into a major protocol upgrade called Shannon, after Claude Shannon who was the father of information theory.
Shannon will deploy to Celestia's Mocha Testnet in February 2024 and is targeted to launch on MainNet at the end of Q2 2024.
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